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Our Babies

We might be a small business, but we are also determined to carefully raise each of our birds. For any bird to be a happy and healthy pet, it is important that they receive their share of a good time, attention, and care. And that is exactly what we do here at Birds by Joe. We make sure to take all the necessary measures so that they thrive. This includes only raising a few birds at a time. We also understand that proper administration of TLC to their feed is essential to ensure a calm temperament and social activity among wilder birds. All our birds receive a share of one-on-one cuddling and playtime to promote relaxed and happy conduct. The special care we give to our babies ensures that our customers return home with a loving pet that adds happiness to their lives as well.

Our Customers

Parrots are excellent companion animals that can positively affect the lives of their owners. They are intelligent, social, and gorgeous creatures enriching people’s lives through their interesting traits and presence in human homes. However, parrots can also be quite demanding at times. This makes it important that you purchase the right kind of affectionate bird for your home. While parrots can be tempting for pet lovers, it is best not to get one on impulse. Our team is committed to ensuring that you and your baby bird enjoy a healthy and happy pet-human relationship for years to come. We can help you find the bird best suited to your lifestyle by enlightening you on the qualities of each baby bird. 

It is important that you consider the bird’s qualities, such as their personality and size. Not to mention, you should never forget to consider your home’s environment before purchasing a parrot. Make sure the personality and traits of the parrot you’re planning to purchase resonate with the people and surroundings it will interact with. You are signing up for a lifetime of commitment as parrots can live as long as humans. This is the reason we offer comprehensive details about each species of birds to help choose a baby perfect for you and your home. 

Our Business

It is not a surprise for any bird parent that parrots tend to change their personalities over the course of time. They go through different kinds of changes as they mature, which can be confusing for a lot of owners. For this reason, we offer lifetime support and guidance to our customers once they purchase a parrot from Birds by Joe. A purchase marks the beginning of our lifelong relationship with our customers!


It is our top priority that all our babies get a good beginning to life in terms of psychology as well as nutrition. This is why we give each bird a hand-feeding formula that best suits their species as well as their individual nutritional needs. We make sure to wean our babies according to their specific health-related requirements and individual rates of maturity. 

Not to mention, we expose our babies to a variety of feeds from the earliest stages so as to introduce them to different textures and tastes of food. This way, they can experiment and choose the type of feed that suits them the best. Birds by Joe weans their birds on a variety of trail mix blends, pastas, breads, cooked beans and rice, nuts for the Macaws and Conures, and fruits and vegetables. 


An essential factor that contributes to a confident and well-adjusted parrot is allowing sufficient socialization from a young age. We understand the importance of teaching basic commands and manners to parrots in their earlier years. So you will find that all our babies are taught to understand and respond to the basic commands of ‘step up,’ ‘step up down’ and ‘no.’ We expose the babies to different kinds of birds to promote socializing. This is an added bonus as this can make it easier for them to adjust when they find new homes.


Playtime for birds is just as important to encourage ongoing stimulation and psychological growth. We introduce them to a variety of toys that encourage independent play-time from an earlier age. We provide different kinds of playing environments to parrots, which ensures that they develop balance, coordination, and concentration skills. They also getting plenty of exercise during playtime, which is essential for a better attitude as well as relaxed muscles. 


Encouraging flying in baby birds before introducing them to a gradual wing clip can improve their overall temperament as well as add confidence. Not only this, but it also helps to build strong muscles that are an important growth factor at a younger age. We allow each of our babies to fledge naturally and have repeated flying sessions before we give them their first wing clipping.

Closing Thoughts

Birds by Joe is a business committed to the love of parrots. We enjoy raising our babies and aim to help others learn more about them. We provide all our birds with a balanced nutritional diet and individual care and attention.

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