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Budgies For Sale

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You may know Budgies as a budgerigar, which is commonly used to refer to “parakeet,” a generic term across the US. You will only find Budgies for sale in the color green, and they are quite small, measuring only 6-7 inches in total. They are similar to any other pet bird that you will encounter in many pet shops. It also carries a Latin name that roughly translates to “song-bird with wavy lines.” Hence, the Latin name is an absolute description of the bird species. Budgies came to Europe in 1838 and quickly became the most common pet bird in many European households.

The bird’s calm chirping and bold green look left people amused and awestruck. However, the reason for its widespread pet adoption was because of how quickly they could breed. From wealthy to middle-class and poor households, everyone kept Budgies as housepets. Unfortunately, during 1894, Australia (the native region for budgies) banned the export of these birds to Europe, which is why the latter country started breeding existing Budgies in the region. Today, Budgies for sale are among some of the most popular bird ranges in the entire world.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The Budgies are native to the Australian regions. Grasslands in Australia are the main natural habitats for Budgies. You won’t see many differences in the pet shop birds of today and the wild Budgies present across the undulating flocks and large grasslands in Australia. The only two distinctions are that wild Budgies are entirely green and slightly smaller in size.

Budgies have a natural range for their habitat; it’s ideal for them to live in but lacks ample water. Therefore, the large flocks travel here and there across the scrublands in Australia to forage for water. Once the rainy season arrives, bringing lots of water and food, wild Budgies breed rapidly. For grain crops and pesky farmers, wild Budgies can become dangerous while breeding rapidly in the wild. Their residence in rainy seasons and during breeding includes tree limbs and hollow trees.

Personality & Behavior

If you are in search of a hands-on pet, Budgies are it. While some people prefer to watch these beds after captivating them in cages or enlarged colony enclosures with different pairs, others love to hand-pet them. Budgies can be super friendly and make up for the interesting time of the day with their owners. Since these birds are social, isolating a single bird from a pair of captivating only one bird in a cage might not be suitable.

Children have nothing to fear when it comes to Budgies and Parakeet because the birds are friendly. In reality, these birds can easily become abuse victims without proper adult supervision if left with children.

Speech & Sounds

From words and whistles to entire phrases, Budgies for sale are among the most popular and one the best-talking birds in the parrot range. Male Budgies talk more easily and whistle a lot, while female Budgies do the same but less frequently.

English Budgies

English Budgies, also known as English Parakeets, are peace-loving and quiet birds with a loving disposition. They tend to be sensible and affectionate towards their owners. The English Budgies arrived from England through selective breeding. Although they are smaller in size, their vocals are much higher in proportion to their physicality. Among the types of Budgies, English Budgies surpass American and Australian Budgies in size. You will notice that these birds are quite popular among families in smaller homes and apartment owners because of their friendly nature and how they can have quite the attitude.  

The native Australian Budgies originally had a two-color combination, which includes yellow and green. But today, there are over 30 color mutations among English Budgies. In contrast to the wild budgies, the English Budgies for sale have fluffier and longer feathers. Their head appears to be relatively bigger, and they often have beard-like feathers around the neck. They have a yellow and green color combination, with their body hosting bands of greens throughout as the rest of the body remains yellow. English Budgies don’t have a prominent head crown, but it is yellow and may often have shades of white towards the end.

On average, English Budgies weigh around 45-65 grams. Additionally, their average length from the toe head to their tail feathers’ tip is around 10 inches. While diet and exercise remain the most important factors of their health, English Budgies for sale make great pets and can live up to 15-21 years on average. Although they are peaceful at most times, they do require active hours of playtime and movement. For this, getting a large or medium-sized cage is best, especially if you keep them in groups.


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Rainbow Budgie

There are different kinds of Budgies, including English Budgies, as mentioned above. Rainbow Budgie, as the name suggests, is a blend of different colors and personality traits. You may notice other Budgies such as the Australian and English ones with solid bands of colors. The distinction of appearance in Rainbow Budgies comes from their soft colors and the way one melts into the other. These Budgies have the name “Rainbow Budgies” due to 4 different types of gene mutations. These include Yellowface, Opaline, Blue-based, and Clearwing.

The Spangle Rainbow Budgies, a subspecies, have black edged-feathers with white or yellow-colored spots. Although throat spots are rare, they appear as white or yellow in most cases. The primary wing feathers are usually plain or white. Overall, Rainbow Budgie for sale can vary in appearance includes a range of different color combinations, including mauve blue, cobalt, sky, and more. The tip of the wings may end with a bolder tone of blue, while the upper wing area covers a softer shade. Their heads are usually the same color as their body, i.e., blue and shades of it.

While reports suggest that the lifespan of Rainbow Budgies can go over 15-20 years, their average lifespan in captivity is 5-8 years. Generally, wild and captive Rainbow Budgies both weigh around 30-40 grams on average. Also, their average length is around 6-7 inches. Rainbow Budgie for sale are adorable and have the potential to become great talkers. They are extremely friendly and affectionate with their owners as well. They can mimic speech and are easy to take care of in comparison to other Budgies. 

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