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Cockatiels are extremely comical and social birds that are popular as house pets in the US. They are amazing whistlers, which makes them pleasing for many pet owners. Did you know that male cockatiels whistle serenades to their favorite people, especially owners? Male cockatiels may even direct their serenades to their own mirror reflections or their favorite object. If they are not whistling, you will surely find them snuggling on the arm or shoulder of their owner or favorite person. They’re good at looking for food in their cage and making it look interesting. For pet-loving families in need of a social and affectionate pet, cockatiels for sale are an ideal choice.


You may know Budgies as a budgerigar, which is commonly used to refer to “parakeet,” a generic term across the US. You will only find Budgies for sale in the color green, and they are quite small, measuring only 6-7 inches in total. They are similar to any other pet bird that you will encounter in many pet shops. It also carries a Latin name that roughly translates to “song-bird with wavy lines.” Hence, the Latin name is an absolute description of the bird species. Budgies came to Europe in 1838 and quickly became the most common pet bird in many European households.


Once you explore this family of species, you will learn that these birds make great companions for households and other calm environments. These birds have inquisitive antics and the ability to make their owners and other people laugh and smile instinctively. Many bird fanciers love adopting Caiques. There are different perspectives to view the personalities of different birds. For example, some people think that African Grey parrots are intellectuals of the bird species while the Macaws are the most attractive show-offs. In the same way, most people consider Caique to be clowns in the bird community.

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If you have a preference for tiny birds, Finches are an amazing option. Most pet enthusiasts might overlook Finches for their commonness, but with a little bit of research, you will learn that they make the list of most exotic pet birds as well. While it would be unfair to compare Finches to larger bird species, they are quite popular as household and apartment pets. Keeping Finches as pets is easy because they are low-maintenance, social, and playful in nature. Although they have a mischievous side similar to other exotic birds, it doesn’t irritate bird owners. Multiple subspecies of Finches exist at this point, and there are various color mutations as well.

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