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Finches For Sale

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If you have a preference for tiny birds, Finches are an amazing option. Most pet enthusiasts might overlook Finches for their commonness, but with a little bit of research, you will learn that they make the list of most exotic pet birds as well. While it would be unfair to compare Finches to larger bird species, they are quite popular as household and apartment pets. Keeping Finches as pets is easy because they are low-maintenance, social, and playful in nature. Although they have a mischievous side similar to other exotic birds, it doesn’t irritate bird owners. Multiple subspecies of Finches for sale exist at this point, and there are various color mutations as well.

Native/Natural Habitat
For starters, Finches are native to the regions of North America, quite prominently the west. They have reached countries like Hawaii and other continents as well. In reality, some species of Finches for sale can thrive in varying ecosystems, while several subspecies only occupy a specific type of habitat and ecosystem. From arid deserts to tropical rainforests, Finches have populated wide varieties of Arctic regions as well. In addition, they haven’t extended their habitat towards the north yet. To date, experts have found Finches in Eurasia, Africa, South America, North America, and Central America. However, there aren’t any natural populations of finches in Antarctica and Australia.

Personality & Behavior
It is a common fact that captive birds require a specific environment to begin socializing. For instance, one great way to let a captive bird socialize is by giving them an open-environment every day for a few hours or placing a few more birds inside their cage for companionship or even mating. Finches are social birds, and that’s why they interact peacefully with other birds. Keeping them in small flocks is the best advice from experts regarding Finches. Otherwise, keeping them alone in a huge cage or handling them on a daily basis can set them off and cause stress.


In simple words, it is best if you don’t handle Finches by hand. Even if you have to do so, make sure that you create a schedule so that they don’t feel captive excessively. Keep human touch to a minimum and make sure that they receive proper exercise time throughout the week. They thrive in open environments. Otherwise, they can feel frustrated and get aggressive. Taking care of your birds is a priority and when it comes to Finches for sale, keep them as comfortable as you can. These birds can be mischievous sometimes, which makes them somewhat tricky to handle. Nevertheless, you can resolve this issue with proper training.

Speech & Sounds
Before adopting a Finch, you should know that a wide variety of them vocalize frequently. But, there’s nothing to worry about their vocalization because they aren’t as loud as other large birds like parrots. Hence, most condo and apartment owners love to have Finches as pet birds inside the house. While you will hear the soft vocals of your Finches outside their cage room, they don’t disturb the in-house people much less the neighbors. These birds have a chirping sound and are usually entertaining for the owners. They also serenade and chirp to their owners for attention. See below link for some finches for sale.

Gouldian Finches.jpg

Gouldian Finch

If you’re in the bird market for a colorful bird with a speckled of colors, Gouldian Finches are what you’re looking for. We have a wide variety of Gouldian Finch for sale.  These are great for people who require the companionship of a beautiful and affectionate bird. Though they can be irritating and aggressive at times, proper training can help them display appropriate behavior patterns. Also known as Rainbow Finch, Lady Gouldian Finch, or Gouldian’s Finch, this bird species may sometimes be reluctant to face human handling but makes great company for fellow birds. They are social, intelligent, and playful birds.

Both sexes of the Gouldian Finch have a bright color range, including black, yellow, red, green, and markings of several other colors. However, the females tend to be slightly less colored in comparison to the male Gouldian Finch. The male Gouldian Finches have purple chests, while females have a lighter mauve. They have pink beaks, and their face is normally covered with a red color that joins blue and green at the back of the head. Normally, their wings have green feathers but may sometimes have yellow undersides to them. For both sexes, the belly and lower belly are yellow and bold orange.

In length, these birds measure no more than 4-6 inches, while rare cases are possible as well. Furthermore, these birds can live up to 10 years, but a longer lifespan is probable with great health support and exercise training through a proper diet. An adult Gouldian Finch can weigh up to 12 grams.

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Zebra Finches

Another variant of the Finch family that features a blend of attractive colors, the Zebra Finch, is a popular option as a house pet. Bird-lovers acquire these birds for their playful instincts and affectionate attitude. Just like Gouldian Finches, Zebra Finches love a hands-off approach. Because they dislike human handling, it’s difficult to train them as well. Nevertheless, owners should ensure that they behave well at the very least, considering that they can get aggressive. Most pet-owners keep Zebra Finches and let them dwell on their shoulder since that’s how a Zebra Finch shows its affection. 

As they’re native to Australia’s arid central regions, Zebra Finches remain among the most popular dimorphic birds. Dimorphic birds are those whose sexes you can tell clearly by just looking at them. For instance, female Zebra Finches have prominent gray spots on their body. Meanwhile, male Zebra Finches have orange patches on their cheeks and carry black-white bars along their breast and throat area. Moreover, they also feature brown shading on their body. Both sexes carry red-orange beaks, but the male Zebra Finches have a blue hue on their beaks.

The Zebra Finches for sale are typically smaller in size and measure no more than 10-11 cm in most cases. Furthermore, the weight of Zebra Finches is somewhere around 12 grams, but they have weighed more in the past. You should know that keeping these bold and appealing birds can be satisfying, but they require an adequate amount of time to train and behave. Their lifespan lasts an average of 10 years, and they love chattering with voices that sound like a tiny car horn. 

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European Goldfinches

European Goldfinches for sale are great.  Sometimes just called Goldfinches, they are passerine birds of the Finch family. This bird species is widely spread over a few continents, including Central Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Breeding and mutation have introduced these birds to regions like Uruguay, Australia, and New Zealand. These birds don’t like sudden temperature changes and might feel unwell in some instances. Among bird-lovers, Goldfinches have a special place because of how kind yet mischievous they can be. They perform tricks but don’t engage extensively with people. One of their main qualities is that they love getting the attention of their owners and the people around them. 

Since these birds are social, they require constant companionship, and for that reason, leaving a few more Goldfinches in the cage might help. It’s quite easy to notice and identify European Goldfinches because of the color dilution and combinations across their body. For starters, they have a red forehead with a black color on the back of their head. They also have a black nape and tail, which carry noticeable white markings. The black wings of European Goldfinches have yellow undersides and markings across the wings. Their undersides are white and have a white neck. 

You should note that they’re highly social and intellectual birds that can get along with fellow family birds. They weigh around 14-19 grams on average and are about 12 to 14 cm long. Additionally, bird-lovers tend to refer to them as British Goldfinches or Eastern Goldfinches. The average lifespan of a European Goldfinch is 8-12 years, but with the right diet, care, and exercise, they can live even longer.

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Society Finches

If you don’t have much experience in keeping birds, you probably don’t know that Society Finches for sale are popular among the Finch family for their parenting skills. They help parent and foster abandoned chicks of other birds, even from other bird families! Also, Society Finches are quite easy to breed due to their parental skills and instinct for social interaction. These birds can dwell calmly and peacefully with other birds if you keep them in a cage. That is one reason why most bird-lovers enjoy keeping them as pets. Because of their friendly and affectionate nature, most bird enthusiasts consider them to be fantastic pets.

There are varying color combinations to both male and female Society Finches. From tan and white to brown shades, these birds can feature a range of overall color blends on their bodies. The most common variety of colors include pied, which means white-marked patches. Other mutations include red-brown, white-crested, and albino Society Finches, along with a vast range of color combinations. Since they are monomorphic, telling the sexes apart is quite troublesome. Their feathers usually feature a chocolaty-white color with a blend of black-colored feathers around their beak. The belly and chest area also have white feathers. 

Also known as Bengalese Finches, Society Finches for sale are common household and apartment pets. People keep them to foster other chicks as well. Society Finches have a general lifespan of 3-7 years, depending on the type of health and diet support they receive. This bird species normally weighs around 15-20 grams. Additionally, their body length from the top of their head to the tips of their tail feathers measures up to 4-5 inches.

Our friendly staff is standing by at (732) 764-2473 to help you find your Society Finches for sale.

Owl Finches.jpg

Owl Finches

If you have taken a close look at owls, you can easily imagine what Owl Finches for sale may look like. Owl Finches are native to Australia’s eastern and northern regions, which prominently comprise tropical dry grasslands. Also called Bicheno’s Finch, they are among the most popular Finch bird species out of 140 in the Finch family. The main reason why they’re so popular is that they are low-maintenance, and keeping them is quite convenient compared to other active Finches.

For your information, the primary color combination of Owl Finches for sale includes Brown, White, and Black. Over the whitish-beige chest of Own Finches, two black bars cover the body from left to right. One bar is at the top of the chest, while the other one is below it. The two black bars are the most common feature among Owl Finches in terms of appearance. These birds have a white face with brown feathers featuring white speckles. In addition to that, they have long, solid-colored black tails. It’s difficult to tell the males apart from the females when it comes to Owl Finches.

They measure around 3-4 inches in length and usually don’t go too far from that. Although these birds are quite active and social, they require ample space to move around freely without any interruptions or obstacles. They are also intolerant of human handling, which means that instilling proper behavior is quite difficult. These birds can live up to 8-10 years under the right conditions. As adults, they weigh about 15-17 grams on average.

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strawberry finches.jpg

Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finches are remarkably some of the most appealing and attractive pet birds in the market. You must know that these birds possess a spectacular and unique range of color speckles. While Strawberry Finch isn’t the most usually recalled name, bird-lovers often know of this bird by the name of Red Avadavat. This bird species is primarily native to Asia, and surprisingly, this bird thrives in captivity. When out of the breeding season, this bird species experiences a dull color appearance. These birds are active, energetic and thrive on social interactions with other birds from the same family.  Strawberry finche for sale might be suitable as a good pet but call us to find out more.

If you’ve never seen Red Avadavat before, you will be mesmerized to take a look at the males’ rich red-scarlet feathers. They feature a spectacular look and color combination featuring red feathers all over and slight variations in shades across different parts. These include the underbelly and throat-chest area, making these birds one-of-a-kind in appearance. The females don’t have the rich red feathers but will have a yellow underbelly during mating season. Moreover, male Strawberry Finches have white dots on their back, along with solid-black wings.  

These attractive scarlet Finches weigh only 7-8 grams. Further, the size of the Strawberry Finch for sale can vary but typically can grow up to between 3.6-4 inches. You must know that these birds often interact with their owners in captivity, and therefore, providing the right toys is vital. They have a healthy lifespan of 8-17 years.

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