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Conure For Sale

Sun Conure for sale 2.jpg

Sun Conure

If you are in the market and looking for stunningly beautiful birds, you should know that Sun Conures are among the best options for that. They have a blend of rich and bold colors all over the body, making them one of the most beautiful types of conures. From yellow to orange, the conures feature a blend of bright colors all over their body. Moreover, these birds have dark red-orange highlights all over the belly and cheeks.

Their wings feature green color splashes over yellow, while the feathers on the wingtips are bluish. The tail has both blue and green colors. They measure around 12 inches on average and weigh around 100-130 grams. Additionally, their average lifespan is around 25-30 years.  The Sun Conure for sale is highly popular and makes a great pet because this is a highly sociable, and affectionate bird.

They require medium to large bird cages because these birds are social and active throughout their lifespan. These birds are affectionate and ensure a wonderful time for their owners by entertaining them with their acrobatic tricks and activities. One remarkable quality of this bird is its screeching vocals. You’re likely to hear them when they welcome someone through the door or see someone arriving through the window.

You can call us at 732-764-2473 anytime to find out what baby birds we have available and if we have the perfect Sun Conure bird for sale for you.  

Jenday Conure for sale 2.jpg

Jenday Conure

These birds are not much different from Sun Conures and have similar personalities and appearances. A Jenday Conure for sale would actually be very similar to the Sun Conure in both looks and personality. Although the appearance isn’t very different from Sun Conures, the Jenday Conures have a distinct coloration in the form of color bands as opposed to color splashes all over their body. Their heads are solid yellowish, while their wings and upper body have bright green colors. These birds have a red-orange belly while the tail has a bluish-green color.

They measure around 12 inches in total while they weigh no more than 100-130 grams. Their average lifespan is around 25-30 years. The Jenday Conures require the same size bird cages as a Sun Conure.

They are highly social and possess an active nature. Like Sun Conures, Jenday Conures are also acrobatic and love performing tricks in their cages. They do require outdoor time with their owners to remain healthy and active throughout their lifespan. Moreover, they have striking vocals that aren’t as distinctive as the larger Macaws but are still noticeable.

Nanday Conure for sale.jpg

Nanday Conure

When you compare Conure birds to Jenday Conure and Sun Conure, these birds don’t have the same vibrant colors and shades on their body and head. However, their personality makes up for the lack of color on their body. Their head is black, while the wings and body have green and blue colors primarily around the tail and flight feathers. Rarely, you may also notice bright red around the legs of Nanday Conures.

A Nanday Conure will typically weigh around 135-145 grams while their average lifespan is near 25-30 years like other Conures. However, they are relatively bigger than other Conures, with a marginal increase in length totaling 13 inches from the head to the tip of their tail feathers. The nanday conure typically requires a larger cage height-wise because of how social and active they are. Smaller, cramped spaces can put them under distress, which can make them noisy and destructive.

Green Cheek Conure for sale 2.jpg

Green Cheek Conure

The Green Cheek Conure is quite similar to Maroon Bellied Conures because they have green color all over the body, along with grey breasts and maroon tails. Their primary wing feathers are bluish, and their cheeks are also green. Moreover, they have a head that features a darker shade than the rest of the body. Mutations are a common occurrence when the Green-Cheeked Conures are raised in captivity. The color variations after captivity breeding include blends of yellow, turquoise, and cinnamon. 

The average lifespan of Green-Cheeked Conures is 15 years at most, but it can go beyond that as well. These birds are 10 inches in length, measuring from their head to their tail. They require proper bar-spaced cages that aren’t too big but also not too small. These birds weigh around 65-85 grams.

Rather than screeching more often, these birds are more accustomed to producing a sharp whistle. The Green Conure has a quiet and friendly nature, but they love attention. This makes the Green Conure for sale quite suitable as pets for apartments, large homes, and all types of families.

Call us at 732-764-2473 to find out if we have a Green Cheek Conure for sale that is perfect for you.  

Peach Fronted Conure for sale.jpg

Peach Fronted Conure

The Peach Fronted Conures has green coloration all over its upper body, along with greyish-green breasts. They feature a light green color over their belly. The green wings of this bird have black tips, while the tail is entirely blue and green. The head of the Peach-Fronted Conures is completely green, except for the crown. The crown is bright orange with blue sides that cover the areas near the eyes as well. They have a black beak that helps bird lovers distinguish them from Half-Moon Conures and Orange-fronted Conures. 

These Peach Fronted Conure birds are 10 inches in length while weighing only 105 grams in most instances. Their average lifespan is also around 25-30 years, and they require a similar case as the Sun Conures and the Jenday Conures. 

This Peach Fronted Conure species loves to play with the surroundings, especially if they’re outdoors. These are lovely pets for all types of homeowners, granted that you have the right bird caring experience. Since they are also quiet and don’t produce the same screeching sounds, they are suitable as apartment pets.

Maroon Bellied Conure for sale 2.png

Maroon Bellied Conure

The Maroon-Bellied Conures are small and also have a green-colored body. Still, their breasts feature a greenish-yellow band of color that is visible on their sides as well. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the primary flight feathers are green-blue. The tail on these birds is light maroon from under and green from the top. The ears of this bird species have brownish patches over them.

These birds weigh around 65-85 grams, and their average lifespan is rarely above 20 years. They measure around 10 inches from their head to their tail. Because of their size, they also require a medium to small-sized cage but the bar spacing has to be appropriate to meet their lifestyle needs.

They are powerful when it comes to playing and showing love to their owners. From being socially active and smart to being inquisitive, the Maroon-Bellied Conures are among the quiet ones. They don’t screech a lot, and therefore, they don’t have an impeccable talking ability like other Sun Conures or bird species. 

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