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African Grey For Sale

Timneh African Grey

Also known as Psittacus Erithacus Timneh, Timneh African Greys are a subspecies of African grey parrots. It is a quite smaller one out of the two main sub-species. This bird species is gradually gaining immense popularity. Surprisingly, Timneh African grey parrot primarily originated from smaller areas in Africa. These include the regions of Ivory Coast and Liberia. These birds have distinctive and bold grey shades as opposed to their counterpart sub-species, which have a more subtle color scheme. The darker grey color is apparent on their upper chest, head, and back area. On the abdomen, these Timneh Grey birds have dark feathers covering light grey shades with a noticeable “V” shape.

In the Timneh Grey bird species, the head feathers usually have white scalloping, which is noticeable under appropriate lighting, while dark grey colored feathers carry a cast of bluish shades. Maroon, dark red, and brown are quite common on these birds’ tail feathers. On their tail-coverts, you’ll see a maroon or dark red shade. On their beaks, you’ll notice a pink color, along with black shades across the maxilla sides. The mandible is also black in color.

For your information, Timneh African Grey parrots are comparatively small-sized compared to Congo African grey parrots. This is mainly pertinent to the complete length of the body. From beak to tail, the Timneh African greys are no more than 9 inches to 11 inches. Likewise, the wingspan may be no greater than 13 inches- 15 inches while they weigh between 250g to 375g.

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Congo African Grey

From the same Psittacus Erithacus bird generation, Congo African grey parrots are among the more popular ones of the said species. They are more popular than the Timneh African grey parrot, and there are noticeable differences between them. The most striking difference is the bright reddish color along the tail of the Congo African grey parrot. The Congo species is larger than the Timneh species. There are other names for the Congo African greys, including Cameroon, Angola greys, and Togo. This bird species originates from multiple African regions and countries.

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The most common color differences, plumage variations, and sizes occur in the regionally-originated species. In most cases, Congo African parrots have grey feathers all over their body. The feathers start with a dark grey color and transition towards a silvery and lighter shade right near the end of the leg and chest area. A whitish edging is common, along with the dark feathers near the head. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice a similar white edging on the light and silvery grey feathers.

Eyes normally appear as big and bright skin patches carrying white color. Furthermore, primary coverts and wings are dark, almost a blackish color. A common occurrence in grey parrots is “blushing.” It refers to when the white patches of skin turn pink. Other parts of their body, like the nails and toes, are solid black in color. But perhaps the most magnificent physical feature of the Congo African Grey parrots is its bright reddish tail.

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