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Parrotlets For Sale

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Parrotlets are some of the smallest species of parrots and are without comparison the smallest parrot you can find in shops. They make for great house pets as they are very cheerful and territorial. With them in your house, you are sure to have a great experience. If you are aiming to get one, you can opt for several different beautiful colors and subspecies available. Their personality is great to light up any home. Despite being extremely quiet, these birds are a great pleasure to have. The Pacific Parrotlet and the green-rumped parrotlet are two of the most famous species that enthusiasts prefer. 

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Parrotlets are usually found in Mexico and Central and South America.

Physical Characteristics

As mentioned previously, Parrotlets are very small in size and can only reach the height of 28.5 cm. Despite being healthy, the Parrotlet will only weigh somewhere near 33 grams. The average wingspan is 9 and a half inches. There are many different colors of the parrot and usually come in bright hues. The male parrotlet usually has a dark blue stripe and at the same time, the female has dark green feathers on the front and light-colored feathers on the wings and the back.  

In rare cases, you may also find a green or blue ring behind the eyes of most females. The blue, yellow, and green parrotlets are found in the wild but also make for great pets.   

Personality & Behavior

If you are opting for a Parrotlet you must prepare for a pet with a big personality. These pets have a ferocious personalities. Do not judge them according to their size, they are highly territorial and can attack other parrots and pets in your house. These pets are prone to adopt a loner personality which is why owners are suggested to play with these parrots often. 

There are possibilities of this bird to bite your children; this is why you must be extremely cautious when you are introducing the birds to your children. Feed them by your hand so that they are more used to affection and do not confuse it as an attack. Show them care and you will have a friend in them forever. On average, the lifespan for a Parrotlet is between 20 and 40 years. Keep exercising them and they will stay healthy for a long time. You can buy toys to keep your parrot as active as possible. 

Speech & Sounds

If you are not too fond of loud birds, the Parrotlet is the perfect partner for you. You can teach them to speak a couple of words but they are not too big of talkers. These birds are perfect pets to keep in your apartment as they won't cause a ruckus. They are often great singers and can cough out pleasant songs to attract partners or mark their territory. They also make non-vocal sounds that may include flapping their wings, chewing, and or pecking.  Experts can interpret their sounds and find out the meaning behind them much like other birds.

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