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Jess S.Roselle Park, NJ

Where to even start-

Like other reviewers said, the front of the store is neatly organized with mostly bird supply, there may be a few budgies there as well. There's literally every type of bird item you could want. When you go past the storefront is where the real fun begins..

You can see through glass paneled walls that the birds are kept beyond the door. Upon entry it is almost overwhelming the amount of birds. It's really unbelievable that literally every cage is spotless. There was over 100 birds when I went, around the end of march. We (my boyfriend and I) handled many different birds, we were offered to even look at babies in the incubator who had all been reserved, just to take a peak. The place is huge. Most birds are caged alone, a few have a few buddies, depending on the breed and size of cage.. 

I really love the lory birds, merely their beauty is captivating. I had read that they are uncontrollable poopers. Joe said exactly that, he could of said get the bird it's a great bird, but he made sure to inform us on every pro and con of breeds we were interested in. Clearly he cares about the birds and wants potential bird owners to know what they're getting into. He had a great deal of knowledge on every bird and was very personable. We left with a senegal, kiwi, who I am completely in love with. I am so happy we got him from joe, he was a decent flyer when we got him, he flies great now.. He is completely healthy and VERY loving. From the first few seconds I had him on my shoulder he was head rubbing me. You can tell a well socialized bird. We have had him a few months and he already knows 5 different commands. We couldn't be happier with our bird and where we got him from. If I ever considered adding to our flock, there is no question that my business would go straight to joe. He even gave us his cell number because we live within a mile from him and said to call him anytime for supplies and he would meet us so we wouldn't have to take the half hour trip! Great guy, great shop and awesome birds. If you are looking for a bird or unsure or what breed, just go down to joes and I'm sure he could help you out!

Leslie G. New Brunswick, NJ

I have never owned a bird before and did my research before coming to see Joe.   I wanted a budgie initially but was open-minded to other birds as long as they weren't too big.  Joe helped me find the perfect fit for me.  I ended up getting a canary-winged parrotlet which is bigger than a budgie (I don't want to hurt my first bird!) but smaller than some of other birds and parrots.  My little guy seems happy and healthy and has a BIG personality.  Joe's shop had the perfect cage, and he ordered me a stand (no instructions) and was nice enough to text me what the final product should look like for me to assemble mine.  He has lots of nutritious food and fun toys in the store as well. He was more than happy to answer questions when I call (I am a first time owner!). Overall, a great experience! 
Danielle Dowd Oliver reviewed Birds By Joe — 5 star

We have had our baby Senegal for 2 weeks now. He is settling in so well he already knows step up goes to anyone in the house. Plays happily with his toys and is trying every fruit and vegetable we can give him. He is an awesome bird!! Joe was very helpful gave us tons of great information and we got a very sweet bird from him. If we ever add another we will return to Birds by Joe! Thanks again Joe!!

Heather C. Londonderry, NH.​

Bought a baby green wing from Joe, We drove from NH to pick him up. What a great place!! Thankfully I dont live close or id probably have a million birds from him!!! Store was clean, birds were well taken care of and its obvious that he truly cares about his birds!!! He answered all my questions and even offers helpful info via text when I need it!!! I'm so glad I found this store, I know where all my future birds will be coming from !!! Thanks Joe

Christy K from Chantilly, VA

I can't say enough good things about my experience at Birds By Joe! I don't live close enough to visit the store, but he came highly recommended by a friend that had purchased two Macaws from him in the past, so I decided to give him a call. Talking to Joe immediately put my mind at ease. He was so knowledgeable and accommodating. His communication throughout the weaning process was fantastic. He was diligent about keeping me up to date, and was always willing to take my call and answer any questions I had. When my Amazon finally arrived she was healthy with beautiful feather condition, but I was completely blown away by how sweet and well socialized she was! I would recommend Birds By Joe to anyone interested in adding a parrot to their family.

Camelot Macaw - Vic J., NJ


I'm writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate all the care and determination you put into raising beautiful, healthy parrots.

I have been actively involved with parrots for many years.  My first bird was a Cockatiel at the age of 13.  Since then, I have loved parrots and have visited many parrot stores from here to Florida.

I met Joe & Mary about a year ago accidentally driving down the street.  I saw their store and had to stop in due to my love of parrots.  I had no intention of adding another addition to my parrot family.   Upon walking in, Joe had greeted me and my girlfriend, Cindy.  He kindly introduced himself and left us to look, pet, and play with the parrots with no pressure.   He kindly answered any question we had. 

Then I looked over at my son, Billy.  He was such in awe looking at this absolutely beautiful Camelot Macaw (which is not a common hybrid Macaw).  I walked over and asked if I could hold the parrot.  After opening the cage door, the bird stepped out onto my hand without any hesitation, which tells me he was receiving lots of love and attention.  That is very important from the start of raising parrots.  They need to loved and cared for so as to trust humans.  After all, we are much bigger than they are.  Once holding the Macaw, I knew that he had to come home with me.  He had such a wonderful disposition and personality.  So now the Camelot Macaw is named Captain Morgan, our third parrot.

Joe and Mary took care of all my needs with cage accessories, food, toys, and everything needed to bring my new baby home.  I've been in many stores, and Joe & Mary's Parrot Place were much lower than most stores.  Joe was concerned about where Morgan would be going.  He cares for his babies, not the sale, which to me, is very important.  Joe even took on a very tough task when I asked for a dragonwood tree.  The dimensions had to be almost exact to fit where I needed it and big enough for all my babies.  Nonetheless, within a week, Joe called and told me my parrot's new tree was in the store and ready to be picked up.

Joe & Mary's Parrot Place is well over an hour away from my home, and I pass many pet stores, as well as another store specializing in hand-fed parrots, but to me, it's well worth the time to drive to their store.  I am now looking to add an African Grey to our family.  Guess I don't need to tell you where I will be getting him/her from.

So, if you're looking for a new addition to your family or have a parrot already, it will be well worth going to Joe & Mary's.   I promise you will continue to go back, as I do, time and time again.


Sun Conure - Rachel S. in New Jersey

First off I would like to say thank you both for raising this beautiful baby Sun Conure. I've decided to name her, Aurora, as in the aurora borealis. She is a playful little bird with personality that I've never seen in a bird. She loves to play a game called, how many times can I jump on your head. If it's at a distance, she will shout a victory screech. It's quite a scene to watch how she does it. The first few weeks she was scared but has bonded not only to me, but to my dad as well.

Joe and Mary were on vacation when I inquired about the Sun Conure baby, and within 24 hours, I received an email back and then was told to call. I was surprised to hear Joe call me back quickly and told me I could pick up the bird the next day! I was so excited to get her. Joe opened the store for me, and it was clear how much he cares for the birds. Aurora was out on a perch when I entered, ready for me to see and play with her.

I am really impressed with Joe & Mary's Parrot Place. Most self run pet stores don't care too much about the animals they are selling and consider them just a profit, but Joe & Mary's is different. They really care for their birds. I have nothing bad to say about the place at all. They have great prices and great birds! I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in a pet bird.

Rachel Stulberger Manalapan, NJ

Goffin Cockatoo & Blue & Gold Macaw Melissa R. in New York wrote:

I hardly even know where to begin.  I was searching online to find a bird breeder I could trust, and that is how I came across Joe & Mary's Parrot Place.  I thought that I was unfortunate that I did not find a breeder I liked closer to home, but I realize that I was actually fortunate that it brought me to Joe and Mary.  I grew up with birds my entire life, and was not about to put my trust in just anyone, as there are many breeders that just do that.   Breeders that just breed, and not care.  I was first drawn to the beautiful website with all of the great information.  I love that I can go on any day, and see what beautiful babies were available.  At the time, I was looking for a Goffin Cockatoo.  I called the store, spoke to Joe, and was so impressed by his professionalism and his outstanding outgoing personality.  I hopped in my car, drove the 3 hours, and was so happy when I got there.  I spoke to Joe, and saw my beautiful Bella, a baby Goffin Cockatoo.  She was so beautiful, so sweet, and you could tell how much she was loved.  She was everything I ever wanted, and Joe was exactly the person I knew I could trust.  The store was in immaculate condition.  Everything was so clean and spotless (and anyone who owns birds knows that this is not easy).

Joe made me feel at home.  I just wanted to hang out there all day and play with all his feathered friends.  I put down a deposit on my baby and could not wait to take her home.  I came out to visit my little Bella when time would allow, and Joe gave me updates on her so I would feel at ease.  Joe is like your best friend.  Someone you could talk to all day because he makes you so comfortable.  I just knew I was destined to be there.  My sister from Maryland would even drive up to meet me in New Jersey at Joe's shop because she loved it there too!  Joe doesn't just have fabulous birds, but also great deals on everything you could ever need for your beloved companion.  I bought a couple Java perches and toys and endless other things to make my baby happy.  Joe is willing to work with you to accomplish anything you wish.  He made my dream come true not just once, but twice.

I was addicted to looking at the babies on the website.  You have to realize, I grew up as a child with 6 birds in my house at one time.  One bird wasn't going to satisfy me, and I was definitely in the market for another beautiful baby.  I can remember many years ago, seeing a baby Blue & Gold Macaw, and I knew from that day that someday, I would have my own.  My sister Jennifer had come up to New Jersey with me one day and started playing with one of the Blue & Gold Macaws at the store.  She fell in love, I fell in love, and I could see us both calculating in our heads what we were going to do.  We couldn't stop talking about the beautiful, sweet Blue & Gold Macaw.  It was shortly after that day, that I figured out a way to get my second baby.  Joe does anything possible to make everything work out for you.  I can't say how much I appreciated all of his help.  Without him being so accommodating, there was no way I would have been able to purchase both birds in such a short amount of time when you figure I needed cages, toys, food, and everything else to make them happy in their new home.  Lola was the sweetest Macaw that I had ever met.  I soon was able to bring her home and she has been a true joy ever since.  Lola actslike a puppy dog.  She always has to be with you, near you, loving you.  She jumps off her Java perch, onto the floor and finds me in the house.  She'll climb up the stairs and come into the office just to be with me.  I took her to the vet one day to get her wings trimmed, and the entire office staff played with her and loved her to pieces.  She loves to roll over on her back, get scratches constantly, and loves when you preen her pin feathers.  Every Macaw owners dream.  And I have Joe and Mary to thank for all of this.

Bella and Lola love their new home.   Bella started talking shortly after bringing her home.  I couldn't' believe it.  Being such a young bird, a Cockatoo, nonetheless, I was thrilled.  Lola is learning to say a few words also.  My favorite is when you show her food, and she goes "MMMMMM!!  Want some!!"  Her laugh is amazing too.  How could I not fall in love.  I was so fortunate to also get to meet Mary when I picked up Lola.  I felt like I already knew her.  I think I had tears in my eyes when I got to bring home Lola, and I got a great big hug from both Joe and Mary.

I am personally honored to have met such wonderful people.  They have all my trust in the world, and no one should ever hesitate entrusting Joe and Mary with raising their new lifelong companion.  So once again, I thank you both.  I think of you guys all the time.  I am on your website a few days a week keeping an eye out for your new babies to pop up.  Some day, I would love for you guys to help me bring home my dream bird, a Hyacinth Macaw.   Guess I'll need a little time to save up for that one though!  I hope you enjoy the pictures of my feathered friends.


Melissa Reome

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