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Macaw For Sale

Blue & Gold Macaws for sale.jpg

Blue & Gold Macaws

You may also know the Blue Gold Macaw as Blue and Yellow Macaw or the Blue Macaw, which is quite accurate considering their color combination. The best stage of keeping Macaws is when they are hand-fed babies. Their impeccable intelligence and mischievous attitude make them appealing among pet owners. They are comical and lovable because they have a natural talent for speaking. But keep in mind that Blue and Gold Macaws don't mimic human voices.

Other birds, such as Amazons and African Greys, are more proficient in doing so in terms of inflection and tone. This Blue Macaw have a unique voice that they love using to speak. Blue and Gold Macaws can live as long as 60 or 80 years and grow over nearly 32-34 inches measuring from the top of their head to their tail feathers. For a lifespan like that, they require proper nutrition and diet. Since these birds are bigger in size and joyful in nature, they require a spacious environment to play. Expert pet owners suggest getting King Size cage models to better accommodate them so they can flap their wings freely and move around.

They also require outdoor playtime for a change of scenery where they can explore a different environment. Giving the Blue Gold Macaw for sale plenty of toys makes them happy as spending a few out hours outside the cage is good for the Blue Gold Macaw.


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2 Catalina Macaw for sale 2.jpg

Catalina Macaws

The Catalina Macaw is a crossbreeds between the Blue and Gold Macaws and Scarlet Macaws. As offspring of the most appealing Macaw bird families, they inherit the physicality of the male birds. They also carry the same size as the male birds of the parent breeds. The colors on the Catalina Macaws depend on the male bird parent, i.e., whether it's a Scarlet or a Blue and Gold Macaw. Most bird sellers use Scarlet Macaw males for breeding with Blue and Gold Macaw females. That's why typically a Catalina Macaw for sale will have an appearance resembling the Harlequin Macaw.

Since Catalina Macaws are a crossbreed between two different Macaw breeds, they inherit personality traits from both of them. The softness and friendliness in their nature come from the Blue and Gold Macaws, which overcomes the hard-strung and aggressive tendencies of the Scarlet Macaw. Overall, Catalina Macaws are extremely playful, good talkers, and eager to learn.

These Macaws are also very large and therefore, require a much larger cage. For instance, going for a King Model Cage is the right approach since it will offer durability and will withstand the activities of the big Catalina Macaw inside. The hatches also have to be bird-proof because Macaws are extremely playful and often cunning.

For most pet owners, handling a baby Catalina Macaw is important because that's what determines the type of characters those birds have when they grow up. Setting proper boundaries and limits can control their aggressive behavior in various instances.

3 greenwing macaw for sale 2.jpg

Greenwing Macaws

While another name for these birds is Greenwing, their name can be misleading for many. These birds are highly beautiful due to the blend of blue, green, and red colors all over their wings. People also confuse these birds with Scarlet Macaws because of their primary color, which is red. However, that's the only similarity between the two different breeds. Both Macaw breeds have quite noticeable differences in their temperaments and appearances. Greenwing Macaw showcases green wings across its wings, while the Scarlet Macaws have a yellowish color across their wing feathers, especially the center.

Also, the Greenwing Macaw carries red lines of feathers across their faces, where a Scarlet Macaw has bare facial patches. The average lifespan of a Greenwing Macaw is around 60-80 years, given that pet owners meet their nutritional requirements in terms of quantity and quality. Their length is somewhere around 32-36 inches. Like other Macaws, the Greenwing Macaw for sale also requires larger cages, such as King Model Cages. They reach maturity at around 4-5 years after birth.

Apart from their gentle and friendly nature, Greenwing Macaws also have a mischievous side that often causes them to wreak havoc unpredictably. Therefore, most pet owners try to calm and occupy these 'gentle giants' using large chewy toys. 

Hand raised baby Macaw for sale is available - call us (732-764-2473) or come in and visit anytime.

Hahns Macaws

Hahn's Macaw is a subspecies of the Red-Shouldered Macaws. The Red-Shouldered Macaws have three subspecies, including the Noble Macaws, Long-Winged Macaws, and Hahn's Macaws. The Hahn's Macaws are the smallest subspecies of the larger breed and measure only around 12 inches in length. Following that, the Noble Macaws measure around 13 inches, whereas The Long-Winged Macaws measure around 14 inches in length. The main difference between the subspecies is that the Hahns Macaw possesses a black-colored beak whereas the Long-Winged Macaws and the Noble Macaws have horn-colored beaks.

People often regard the Hahns Macaw as mini macaw because of their length. The Hahns Macaw lifespan is around 20-25 years compared to the 60-80 years lifespan of larger Macaws. Since these Macaws aren't loud and noisy, they are suitable as apartment pets. Considering their highly social and friendly nature, pet owners can easily handle them, provided that they have experience in taking care of birds. The best Hahns Macaw for sale are hand-raised ones, which are great for family-sized pet ownership. With the same attributes as a larger Macaw, the mini macaw is an ideal choice for many bird lovers.

Harlequin Macaws

These Macaws are the result of breeding Blue and Gold Macaws with Greenwing Macaws. Like some other subspecies and crossbreeds, Harlequin Macaw also inherits the physical size and build from their male parents. If the male is a Blue and Gold Macaw, the crossbreed will share the same physical features. Most special bird sellers keep Harlequin Macaws that have Greenwing Macaws as male parents and Blue and Gold Macaws as female parents.

The offspring of such crossbreeding results in red-orange chest Harlequin Macaws with a big head and physical build like Greenwing Macaws. Since both parent breeds are friendly and social in nature, the Harlequins inherit the best out of both breeds. The Harlequin Macaw has a playful, easy-going, slightly mischievous, and intelligent personality. They are also affectionate and highly social, which helps them blend in with their surroundings quite well. Besides, they are also good talkers, which is by far one of the best qualities of the Harlequin Macaws.

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Hyacinth Macaw for sale 2.jpg

The Hyacinth Macaw

If you are looking for one of the most popular and majestic Macaw breeds in the market, then the Hyacinth Macaw for sale is your best bet. The Hyacinth Macaw is a highly sought-after parrot among bird lovers. They can measure up to an enormous length of 42 inches from the head to their tail feathers. Carrying strong beaks, these Macaw birds can even snap the cage welds off. Regardless of their strength and unique physical build, bird lovers call them 'gentle giants' because of their calm nature. They are quite affectionate and loving towards their owners.

That's not all. In fact, most of the Hyacinth Macaws are also generally friendly towards strangers. Despite that, their price is appearance-based. These birds are incredibly beautiful, with vivid bluish-violet colors across their body. The Hyacinth Macaw also has tapered and long tails. Their wing undersides have a sleek black color, whereas their eyes have bold yellow rings with brown eyes. Near their beak, the Hyacinth Macaw has a small yellowish lower pat, and their tongue has a stripe as well. While their feet are grayish, their overall body hue is yellow.

Military Macaws

Military Macaw has green colors over their body, but their head comprises a pale shade compared to the rest of their body. These birds have a bare white facial area that comprises a red frontal patch. You may notice blushes on the bird's face when it appears excited. The facial skin isn't entirely naked. It carries lines of black feathers. They also have a red tail that carries blue borders, while the flight feathers feature a beautiful bluish shade.

The Military Macaw has a strong beak that is blackish-grey in color. This bird has yellow irises, but it might not be as impressive as other Macaw breeds in terms of appearance. This is because the Military Macaws don't have various colors all over its body. However, the Military Macaw for sale is quite popular among bird lovers. These bird species are quite similar to Bufons Macaws, except for the smaller size and bright green shade. 

The lifespan of a Military Macaw is around 50-60 years. They are inquisitive and good at talking, which allows them to entertain their owners and themselves with several tricks. While they are very social because of living in large flock inside the wilderness, they are quite intelligent even when raised in captivity.

Red-Fronted Macaws for sale.jpg

Red-Fronted Macaws

When you look at the Red-Fronted Macaws, you will see that they are neither small nor big in comparison to other Macaws. However, their length is generally around 19-21 inches. These birds are perfect for bird lovers who lack the experience of handling larger Macaws but want a bigger bird than mini-Macaws. 

When they're younger, these birds have the most appealing and attractive coloring on their body. However, as they grow mature, their looks only become more refined and appealing. The beauty of the Red Fronted Macaw is absolutely striking and hard for a bird lover to miss. Their red legs, shoulders, patches, crowns, and wings, combined with orange wing undersides, make these birds look absolutely gorgeous. 

The wing and tail feathers have a beautiful blue color near the end, which are among the most remarkable physical features of this bird. One of the most interesting things about the Red-Fronted Macaws is that they can keep hovering over an area in a similar way as hummingbirds. They have an intense ability to instantly change their direction while moving in the air. These birds offer plenty of entertainment for owners, especially when they fly around a spacious area.

The Red Fronted Macaws for sale is also intelligent and speak countless contexts with proper training and guidance. But like larger Macaws, they are mischievous, and therefore, most bird lovers regard them as a smaller version of the larger and more cunning Macaws. For big or small families, these not-so-loud birds are one of the best options.

Scarlet Macaws for sale.jpg

Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet Macaws have bright yellowish bands across their wings. The Scarlet Macaw for sale is on popular demand because they are strikingly beautiful.  They feature a blend of red shades across their upper wings and bodies. The lower wing areas of these birds have a royal blue shade that makes for a contrasting color.

Most bird lovers often confuse Scarlet Macaw with the Greenwing Macaws due to the color red, which is the primary color for both of them. However, that is the sole similarity between the two. There are many differences with regard to the looks and behaviors of both birds. The Scarlet Macaws have yellowish feathers, while the Greenwing Macaws have feathers carrying a green band. Additionally, the facial features of both Macaws are quite different. The Scarlet Macaws have bare facial patches, while Greenwing Macaws have red lines of feathers over their face. 

Apart from their stunning appearance, Scarlet Macaws are quite nippy, especially when you make quick movements around them. Moreover, they are quite high-strung in their behavior. While their aggressive behavior might appear hostile to some bird species and types of owners, owners must have proper knowledge about bird handling information and psychology to deal with these Macaws.

Severe Macaws

The Severe Macaw is in the "mini-Macaws" category but is the largest of all mini-Macaws. The maximum length of this bird can be as high as 18 inches from the tip of the tail feathers to the head. Among all the mini-Macaws, only this Macaw has feathers over its bare face patches. This feature shares a resemblance with that of larger Macaws.

The color range of this bird species is mostly green but may have a reddish-blue blend on the wings. It has a blue crown and chestnut-brown head patch around the beak. During the immature stage of their life, the Severe Macaw has a dull plumage compared to other Macaws, and also have a dark iris. However, the iris of this bird species changes from dark to orange as they mature. Being native to the Panama and Brazilian regions, their lifespan is around 30-80 years in captivity. Furthermore, the Severe Macaw breeds quite rapidly and can have several clutches in a single year. These can easily lead to more than a dozen egg hatches.

The Severe Macaw for sale are social, enjoy playing with toys, and can mimic the speech and voices of the people around them. These birds love playing with woody and chewy toys. Their talkative nature keeps them, and their owners occupied. The Severe Macaws are quite active and love to play around. In fact, if they feel bored, they can become quite aggressive and destructive as well. Therefore, it is advisable to get a King Sized cage for them. But while they may be aggressive at times, they are ideal for family ownership as house pets that entertain and play with you.

Yellow-Collared Macaws

These are also mini-Macaws with a smaller size but larger personalities. The Yellow Collared Macaw is an ideal choice if you are looking to adopt Macaws that aren't too large but rather active and talkative like larger Macaws.

The Yellow-Collared Macaws, despite their name, are green in color. Their native regions include Argentina, Brazil, and some other countries in between. According to their name, they do have a yellowish collar around their neck. However, this yellow-collar appears only when they mature.

On the other hand, they have brown cheeks, crowns, and foreheads. The tail and wing feathers (primary) have a bluish color around the tip and edge. But, the base side of the tail appears reddish-brown when you observe clearly. On their wings and tail, Yellow-Collared Macaws have a yellow underside.

The face of the Yellow Collared Macaw is distinctive because they have a darkish-grey color on the beak that grows lighter towards the end. Moreover, they have a white-colored bare facial patch. This bird species is only 15-17 inches in length.

The Yellow-Collared Macaw is available for sale if you want a bird that is social and will remain quite active throughout their lifetime. They can talk using several phrases and words but are unaware of the context. 

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