Caiques For Sale


Once you explore this family of species, you will learn that these birds make great companions for households and other calm environments. These birds have inquisitive antics and the ability to make their owners and other people laugh and smile instinctively. Many bird fanciers love adopting Caiques. There are different perspectives to view the personalities of different birds. For example, some people think that African Grey parrots are intellectuals of the bird species while the Macaws are the most attractive show-offs. In the same way, most people consider Caique to be clowns in the bird community.

Caique birds can make mischief, unlike any other bird species that you will encounter. Once you pet them, their silly antics and tricks will make you laugh and let you know why the metaphor “clown” suits them so well.

Bird enthusiasts keep either one or both types of the main Caique species: the White-Bellied Caiques and Black-Headed Caiques. People also pet a less common subspecies of the White-Bellied Caiques, known as the yellow-thigh Caique. Both of the main Caique species are 9-10 inches long. Additionally, their color range includes nominating green, yellow, white, and orange. There are relatively low distinctions between the two species.

The names suggest the differences. The White-Bellied Caiques have a white belly while the Black-Headed Caiques have a black-colored head. The White Bellied Caiques may also have a beak with horn color and a yellowish-bright orange head. What most people suggest is that this bird is relatively heavier than its size.


Native Region / Natural Habitat

Natively, Caiques belong to South America. They primarily dwell in this region.

Personality & Behavior

There are two main reasons for their popularity, which include their personality and stunning appearance. These birds are quite comedic and comical for their personality. Many bird owners, especially those who have petted either the White-Bellied Caiques or the Black-Headed Caiques, know that there are many things you have to accept as a bird owner. Not all birds are perfect, and the same is the case for Caiques for sale. They are wonderful, enjoyable, and active, but they have certain aspects that make them difficult.

They quite intensely and aggressively engage with other birds species. So keep an eye out for all the birds that are around your Caique, especially Caiques themselves. While they can be willful and stubborn in some situations, they are so cute that bird owners don’t mind this minor flaw.
If you think that these active birds require toys to play with, you are right. Caiques for sale are always energetic and active, which means that learning when they are sick can be quite easy. Easy-to-break toys are the best toys for Caiques. But since the toys are easy for them to break, remember to get replacements so they can continue to play. They tend to get stressed when their easy-to-break toys aren’t replaced.

Speech & Sounds

Although other birds are louder, bird owners don’t know Caiques for being quiet. If you have sensitive neighbors, you may want to rethink how you are going to pet any type of Caique species. They cluck and whistle extremely well, but they aren’t proficient in talking. They do speak with proper training but won’t be able to compete against other birds in terms of talking abilities.