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Cockatiels For Sale

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Cockatiels are extremely comical and social birds that are popular as house pets in the US. They are amazing whistlers, which makes them pleasing for many pet owners. Did you know that male cockatiels whistle serenades to their favorite people, especially owners? Male cockatiels may even direct their serenades to their own mirror reflections or their favorite object. If they are not whistling, you will surely find them snuggling on the arm or shoulder of their owner or favorite person. They’re good at looking for food in their cage and making it look interesting. For pet-loving families in need of a social and affectionate pet, cockatiels for sale are an ideal choice.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

Cockatiels don’t carry a screech similar to the ear-piercing sound from parrots. This is because they come from open environments like semi-arid and nearly arid regions across Australia. That’s the native region cockatiels belong to. In the wilderness, cockatiels have to come down to the ground to search for food. In the wild, cockatiels breed rapidly, but breeding them in captivity is also easy. Easy breeding and wide availability are some of the main reasons why they are so readily available in the market for pet owners. It also lowers their cost, making them affordable pets for families.

Since cockatiels remain light sleepers throughout their life in the wild, they are always suspicious and remain on high alert for fear of predators. This isn’t the case with most captive pet cockatiels for sale, but night-fright incidents once in a while are common. If your pet cockatiel starts thrashing its head on the cage, you can leave a night light on to help them feel comfortable.  A female cockatiel for sale could make a great companion.


Personality & Behavior

Did you know that you can tell about a cockatiel's mood from the positioning of the feathers on their crest? If the feathers are straight up, the bird is either extremely curious or startled by something. Sometimes, when the bird is relaxing and calm, it will hold the crest feathers slightly backward while the cheek feathers will fluff up. If the bird is calm and happy, it will keep grinding its beak. But, if the bird is being defensive, it will hiss and hold the crest feathers close to the head and flatten them.

Non-toxic and easy breakage chew toys are the best play objects for cockatiels for sale. Make sure that the toys are non-toxic and substance-neutral so that your pet stays safe. Bead fiddles are hard-plastic toys among cockatiels’ favorite toys. Since they are amazing whistlers, they look for mirrors and many reflective objects to whistle to. Keep a close check on where your pet cockatiel is because they have a constant habit of moving down to the floor to play or forage for food. Often, female cockatiels will look for secretive corners, but you can get them back by training them to whistle on cue.

Speech & Sounds

While these birds can speak a few phrases or words, male cockatiels whistle more than female cockatiels. Their chirping sound is low, which makes it clear that they are suitable as apartment pets. If a cockatiel sees you leaving the room, they may chirp at you if you are their favorite person and want to stay with you.  We have a wide variety of handfed cockatiels for sale available.  

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White Faced Cockatiel

As some of the most popular caged birds, the White-Faced Cockatiel is a member of the Cockatoo family. New and inexperienced pet-lovers confuse the White Faced Cockatiel with Albino Cockatiels. These birds are highly social and love interacting with their owners. Since they are easy to breed, they have quickly become among the most common pet birds in households, including apartments as well. They can live with other birds from the same family, as well as some birds from other families, quite peacefully. However, they don’t dwell well in solitude, and keeping a fellow bird in their cage can help them feel safe when they’re alone. 

You should know that the White-Faced Cockatiels have their signature feature as the result of a mutation in the Cockatoo family. Their body is covered in patches of charcoal grey color. In fact, they don’t have any orange patches or yellow shades on their cheeks either. Unlike other Cockatiels from the same family, White-Faced Cockatiels have grey plumage. Their genetic mutation prevents the appearance of yellow color pigments on their skin, which keeps their plumage grey-colored. 

While this bird can live up to 10-14 years in the wild, the White Faced Cockatiel can live up to 15-25 years in captivity, granted that they receive the best care and conditioning. Exercise is a must for all cockatiels, especially this one, as they can suffer from parasites, obesity, and inactivity. An adult White Faced Cockatiel for sale can measure by 12-13 inches. These Cockatiels weigh around 85-115 grams, which isn’t very heavy but not so light when you consider the average sizes and weights of Cockatoo birds.

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Lutino Cockatiel

These Cockatiel birds are highly popular in the market as household pets because they are easy to breed and take care of, unlike some rarer species. You probably realize that their distinct appearance makes them easy to spot. Similar to the White-Faced Cockatiels, this breed of Cockatiels is also popular for its unique mutation. These birds tend to thrive in a joyous environment around playful toys and objects. They are mild-tempered and easy to care for since they don’t impose on their owners for anything other than love, affection, and attention.

The color combination of Lutino Cockatiels is one of the most easily recognizable and classifiable. When looking a a Lutino Cockatiel for sale, both males and females have identical color schemes. The color scheme of Lutino Cockatiels includes white color all over the body, with a yellow-colored head and distinct rose-pink circle patches on the cheek. These Cockatiels often have a high head crest that’s yellow in color and extends to the back. Lutino Cockatiels can also have pied markings, but these are fairly rare. These markings mean that the bird carries grey spots over its wings.

A more common name for Lutino Cockatiel is Lutino Tiel or Moonbeam Cockatiel. Lutino Cockatiels have a lifespan of around 16-25 years in captivity. There have been instances where the Lutino Cockatiels crossed that lifespan threshold, but it’s when they get the best care, nutrition, and exercise plans. In addition, Lutino Cockatiels are normally 12-13 inches in length, much like White-Face Cockatiels, and weigh around 85-125 grams.

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Albino Cockatiel.jpg

Albino Cockatiel

While the name’s Albino, these Cockatiel birds aren’t albino in their plumage. In reality, some bird-lovers suggest that using the name of two popular Cockatiels would suffice, i.e., White-Faced Lutino Cockatiel. While the White-Faced and Lutino Cockatiels are relatively different in appearance, the Albino Cockatiel carries the physical characteristics of both. As social birds, they love to stay near their owners almost all the time. However, caging them with ample space will also be sufficient. While they can’t talk as fluently and for long as other Cockatiels from the same Cockatoo family, they serenade and whistle to show affection towards their owners. 

In simple words, Albino Cockatiels have a completely bold white appearance that is quite distinctive. In addition to their solid white body color, they have red eyes that are extremely prominent, considering their fair-toned body. Commonly, female Cockatiel for sale may carry a color pattern (tail barring) on their tail’s underside. Most pet owners, especially, bird-lovers regard these cockatiels as Clear Pied Cockatiels. Through the original Cockatoos have markings on their wings; these birds have pure white wing feathers.  An Albino Cockatiel for sale may be available at our store.

Albino Cockatiels live up to 15 years but can live even longer with the right nutritional and exercise regimes. Since all Cockatoos are social and intelligent, including the Albino Cockatiels, they require sufficient exercise and playtime on a regular basis. Measuring around 12-13 inches, similar to several other Cockatiels in this list and others, the Albino Cockatiels can weigh over 100 grams but usually remain in the 70-120 grams range.

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